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Authentic Original Hawaiian Art - Oil Paintings and Art Prints of native son, Reuben Luke Bumanglag.

Art from the heart! Original Hawaiian Art that reflects the true essence of Kohala and the life-style of the Big Island of Hawaii. Created by Hawaiian artist, Reuben Luke Bumanglag (aka Reuben b) and known as The Art Of Kohala, his paintings include long forgotten scenes of the beautiful Kohala Coast. His art includes rare scenes of the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel's earlier days. Available in Original and Limited and Open Edition Prints.

"His art captures what some day may never be."
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Hawaiian Artist Reuben b,, Kohala Artist

No other art compares to the collection of The Art of Kohala by native born Big Island artist, Reuben Luke Bumanglag ("Reuben b").

Drawn and guided by the aloha spirt and a kama`aina heart, his artwork depict a keen sense of nature special to Kohala's rich Hawaiian history and culture. Hispaintings tell a story of places once accessible by kama`aina for centuries--many no longer accessible due to urbanization or have since been destroyed or neglected.

His Hawaiian art work will be remembered and cherished by generations long after the tides of change have consumed the places that have been preserved through his art work.

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Building a new home? Or, decorating a newly renovated dwelling? Occasionally, this artist will consider a series of Hawaiian paintings that can be created exclusively for your home. For example, if there is a particular Hawaiian scene you are not able to find "off the shelf," it is possible that this artist can be commissioned to create it for you... authentically and originally! Contact us for more information by clicking the "Contact Us" link at left..


reuben b

Reuben Luke Bumanglag
(AKA "Reuben b")

Introduction - Any artist from anywhere can paint Hawai`i's beauty. There are many experienced artists residing in Hawai`i. However, only few can claim to be from the `Aina, from the land, from birth.

Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawai`i, all of his paintings have a significant cultural and/or historical storyline. His work is admired and sought after by long time residents, former residents, or others longing for a keepsake of a special Hawaiian experience or memory.

His Work - Oil on canvass, Acrylic, and Watercolor Original Paintings and Hawaiian Art Prints. For those who are looking for a Hawaiian art form from a local Big Island artist they will find his art historical, relevant, and uniquely Hawaiian. His depiction of coastal life reflects relationships with nature, people, and time. His Hawaiian art is engaging, colorful, and in many ways prophetic. His art arouses a consciousness and realization that Kohala's beauty and access to open spaces are being challenged like never before. His Art Of Kohala series of paintings captures what some day may never be.

Reuben's first public Hawaiian art show was in 1981 at Waipio Woodworks. Over 30 Hawaiian paintings were purchased by Hawaiian art enthusiasts. Today, Hawaiian art collectors continue to seek his work for which the artist says "I am very thankful."

His watercolors are as powerful as his Original Hawaiian oils and acrylics. His art documents many of the Kohala Hawaiian landmarks, some of which are no longer standing or not accessible due to industrial development, urbanization, or neglect.

His Life - Reuben Bumanglag was born in November 1942 and was later christened Reuben Luke Bumanglag. As a youngster, he was raised in the small sugar plantation town of Hakalau. He later moved to the Kohala plantation town of Kapa`au where he raised his family and took up painting. The sugar mills have since closed and passed into time like many of the others that dotted the Big Island. However, the memories and images of growing up in such an environment continue to guide his sense of visual expression. He says he is "still making daily discoveries" and hopes "that it will bring not only pleasure, awareness, and Aloha toward others, but also inspire malama (care) and kuleana (responsibility) to our land."



Collectible Hawaiian Art

"Kohala Horses"
Collectible Hawaiian Art

"Ukulele and Instruments"
Collectible Hawaiian Art

Collectible Hawaiian Art

"Keokea Park"
Collectible Hawaiian Art

"Garden at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel"
Collectible Hawaiian Art

"Ikaika (Strength)"
Collectible Hawaiian Art

"Kohala Beach Hut"
Collectible Hawaiian Art

"Sea Path at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel"
Collectible Hawaiian Art

"Sacred Heart Catholic Church"
Collectible Hawaiian Art

"Pathway to the Shore"
Collectible Hawaiian Art

"Hale Pule Church in Kohala"
Collectible Hawaiian Art

"Halaula Lighthouse"
Collectible Hawaiian Art

Collectible Hawaiian Art

"Buddha Under Tree at Mauna Kea Beach Hotel"
Collectible Hawaiian Art

Collectible Hawaiian Art

"Kahakai in Summer"
Collectible Hawaiian Art

"Crimson Orchids"
Collectible Hawaiian Art

"Saddle and Ukulele"
Collectible Hawaiian Art


"Kohala Carriage Depot"
Collectible Hawaiian Art




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