What is the Meipala Project?

Aloha kakou!

The Project's purpose is to recognize Aunty Mabel "Meipala" Ishii for her innumerable contributions in helping the early settlers develop Waikoloa Village. Today Waikoloa Village is a thriving community, thanks to the efforts of people like her.


The Project's hope is to one day honor her work appropriately within Waikoloa Village.

How can you help?

We collect stories, photographs, anecdotes, memorial suggestions and other relevant information covering the years "Aunty Mabel" worked in Waikoloa Village until her death in 2003.

If you knew Aunty Mabel, please take a few minutes to send us your wonderful memories of her. If you know of someone who knew her, please feel free to share this website's information with them.

If you care about this project and would like to share your kokua (support) we are looking for help such as donating a skill, service, cultural practitioner, developer's public space where a permanent memorial could be placed, rock construction, equipment operator, etc., please feel free to contact us. None financial help is always welcomed.

Who was Aunty Mabel (Meipala)?

Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawai`i, Mabel ('Meipala") Torres Ishii died at the age of 66 on September 6, 2003 in an auto accident on the Hamakua Coast.

Affectionately known as "Aunty Mabel" and later as "First Lady of Waikoloa," she served the Waikoloa Village Community as its Village Office Administrator from the early days of the Waikoloa Village development until her death.

Her calling card was a gracious and warm greeting of "Aloha!", often often followed by an unforgettable "Aunty Mabel hug"! She put the needs and wishes of the Community before her own.

She devoted much of her life to helping residents settle in their new homes in Waikoloa Village. Even in hard times, her love of the Community never wavered. Her mission was clear. She made residents, visitors--and even strangers--feel welcome and comfortable. She showed them how to assimilate into their new enviroment... as if they were her ohana (family). Regardless of circumstances, she was always "there" helping others.

January 2, 1937 -
September 6, 2003


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If you would like to volunteer to help with this project, please contact us for more information.

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